Double warning – eating our chocolate covered hazelnuts may result in a compulsion to eat more than the recommended serving size and cause uncontrolled outbursts of yum and mmm from the vocal chords.


We have teamed up with a New Zealand chocolatier to produce a treat that it so good we have had to limit the size of the packets to 70gms.

Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts

  • Chocolate coated hazelnuts – ingredients: Dark Chocolate (75%), Hazelnuts (25%), Chocolate contains Sugar, Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, MILK SOLIDS, Soya lecithin, Cocoa powder. 70gm. Servings per packet 2   Average Serving Size 35g


      Average per serve Average per 100g
    Energy 790kj   2256kj
    Protein 2.4g 6.9g
    Fat total 12.1g 34.6g
    - saturated 4.4g 12.5g
    Carbs 16.6g 47.7g
    Sugars 16g 45.6g
    Sodium <2mg <5mg