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Welcome to Canterbury Nuts, the home of locally grown and naturally delicious hazelnuts and hazelnut butter. Here we connect paddock to plate with authenticity, passion and love. Choose your favourite way to satisfy your tastebuds.




A connection to the land and a pursuit of the pure New Zealand ideal was where it all began. We dreamed of giving our children open spaces to grow up in and an income that gives back to the environment and society. Then we saw it, an orchard full of luscious green trees bearing the sweet, buttery crunchiness of hazelnuts. And we fell in love. Learn more about our journey from paddock to plate. 



Hazelnuts are a versatile nut used in baking, salads and sauces. They’re naturally sweet and can add a delicious, healthy crunch to your favourite treats. Discover the delicious delights you can create using our nuts and nut-butter.


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